Saturday, February 6, 2010

Went out today doing some groceries for the weekend. Bought some stuff from the Asian store as my wife wants to make some "wanton wrappers" use for making wanton soup. Later we went to my favorite butcher buying some meats and my gosh there were tons of people queuing. There I saw Venison and decided to get some. That's for our lunch tomorrow.

On our way back my wife is craving for "Kung Fu Kueh Tiaw" at a local Malaysian Restaurant. I ordered a "Nasi Lemak" which turned out to be nice that satisfying. Hers was pretty good though.

I have not been keeping up with my posting and I have to post everything today. During the week there were many cookings happened here. I just non stop cooking. And I know for sure that for as long as I live my love for cooking would be my favorite things to do.

500gm peeled Tiger Prawn
2 Fish Stick
Handful of Baby Corns
Handful of Snap Beans
Small portion of Cucumber
1/2 Big Onions
Thai Chili
Black Pepper
Oyster Sauce
Sweet Soy Sauce
1 table spoon fish sauce
Cooking Wine
Sesame cooking oil

Heat the wok. Oil in! Once hot blackpepper, onions and gingers in. Then add the baby corns. Stir them for a minute before you add those sauces. Once they are sizzling hot then add in the wine. If you think the baby corns are done then add in the fish sticks, snap beans and cucmbers. Soon after you can add the prawns. Your dish should be done in two minutes.

Good for party of four and great with steam rice. Enjoy...

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