Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mixed Seafood with Mixed Veg's not really a mixed seafood though but it's shrimps and fish cake stir fry with mixed vegetables and baby spinach. If you are not too sure of what seafood to choose for your dinner then the best answer for that would be getting all sort and mixed them together. So menu for dinner is stir fry shrimps with fish cake and mixed vegetables.

15 Tiger Prawns
2 Sticks of Fish Cake
Several Baby Corns
Several Snap beans
Baby Spinach
Thai Chili (Optional)
Sesame Oil
Oyster/Sweet Soy/Fish Sauce
Cooking Rice Wine

As usual heat up the wok. Add oil and once hot add in garlic and onions. Once they turn a little brown you can add the baby corns as the cook longer than most of the ingredients. Add in the sauces and the wine enough to cook the baby corns. If you think the baby corns are done then you can add in the cucumbers, snap beans, shrimps and the fish cake. Taste it and once it sizzles once more your meal is ready. Last is to add in the spinach. Serve with steam rice. A great light meal...

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