Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let me tell you something...if I am really really clueless of what I want to eat and I am so bump to go out and yet there's no left over in the fridge...a packet of Instant Noodle is the solution to your appetite. Any instant noodle works as long as you know what to add in. It's like putting on cloth. If you know how to mixed and match then your outfit sure rocks!

1 pack of Instant Noodle
Few shrimps
Fish Cake
1 Egg
Dried Seaweed

Small pot! Boil water just enough to cover the noodle. Add noodle. Once boiling add in the gravy/condiments that come with it. Add in shrimps, fish cakes and a minute later you can throw in the egg. Seaweed last. Done! You can throw some spring onions or coriander and a fried red onions too. I feel like having one right now!

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