Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fried Egg Noodle w/Shrimps & Egg

They sell it in a packet at your local Asian grocery store. Cost about 3 euro here in Dublin. Something to try for a change. I love noodles so much be it an instant noodles or noodle soup or pan fry noodle. For any Asian originated person noodle related food is one of their favorites and everywhere you go, be it in Malaysia or Singapore you will see people selling noodle of all varieties. It's a delicacy.

For Asians, noodle are mainly for breakfast or late supper. Their main meals are mainly rice. For me, I can have noodle in any time of the day, be it breakfast, brunch, lunch, hi-tea, dinner or supper. It will definitely make my day. And here in Dublin, I have no choice but to cook one of my own. This is the closest I can get.

1 Packet Yellow Noodle
10 Shrimps
1 Egg
1 Stalk Spring Onion
1 Clove Garlic
1 Thai Chili (Optional)
A handful of Beansprouts
Sesame Oil
2 Tablespoon Oyster Sauce
2 Tablespoon Chili Sauce
1 tablespoon Light Soy Sauce
1 teaspoon Fish Sauce

Clean the shrimps and blanch them and place aside while heating your wok. Add oil and when hot add garlic in. Once it turns a little brown you can add in the shrimps and the Thai chili. A minute or two then you can throw in the egg. Stir them around for a minute before you can add in the noodle. Your stove must be in "high". Do not worry as it will not burn the noodle. Stir it for two three minutes before you can add in the sauces. Taste it and you know what to do next on what needs to be added...I hope so as if you are following my blog you should be good in adding sauces. Lastly, when the noodle is said to be done you can add the beansprouts and the spring onions. Give it a last stir and it's ready for serving. Enjoy...bring a friend as it's enough for two.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Salmon w/Variety Sauces

Fish it is. I would love to try other type of fish but there is not much options here.

4 Piece Salmon Fillet
1/2 Onion
Sliced Gingers & Garlic
Bak Choi (Chinese cabbage)
Spring Onions
Thai Chili
Oyster sauce
Sweet Soy Sauce
Chili sauce
BBQ Sauce
Cooking Rice Wine

Have all the sauces and them together with 2 cups of wine. Heat your wok and once hot add in the ginger and garlic before pouring all the mixed sauce in. On the other pot you can start boiling the carrots so that it get soft before you add them in the sauce.

Once the sauce is boiling you can add the salmon and the onions /chili in. One minute on one side is enough before you transfer it to 220 degree oven for 10-15 minutes just to crisp the outer part of the fish.

While waiting for the oven you can blanch the bakchoi. Then for serving you can spread the bakchoi on a plate and place the salmon on top of it. Great with rice and bread...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let me tell you something...if I am really really clueless of what I want to eat and I am so bump to go out and yet there's no left over in the fridge...a packet of Instant Noodle is the solution to your appetite. Any instant noodle works as long as you know what to add in. It's like putting on cloth. If you know how to mixed and match then your outfit sure rocks!

1 pack of Instant Noodle
Few shrimps
Fish Cake
1 Egg
Dried Seaweed

Small pot! Boil water just enough to cover the noodle. Add noodle. Once boiling add in the gravy/condiments that come with it. Add in shrimps, fish cakes and a minute later you can throw in the egg. Seaweed last. Done! You can throw some spring onions or coriander and a fried red onions too. I feel like having one right now!

Baked Chicken with Varieties Sauce

This is a crazy recipe. You may think it is but it surely a good one. This can't never go wrong and trust me you will lick your fingers or your plates. Always my favorite!

2 Chicken Thighs (separate the thigh and the drumstick)
1 Onions
1 carrot
2 small potatoes
2 Garlic
Thai Chili
Black Pepper

Varieties Sauces:
Sweet Thai Chili Sauce
BBQ Sauce
Oyster Sauce
Sweet Soy Sauce

Boil the carrots until they are pretty soft. Slice the condiments and not too thin because you want to taste the textures of it. Mix all the sauces in a small bowl together with the black pepper. The using your baking pan you can place all those condiments at the bottom while placing the chicken on the top. Then you can pour the sauces all over the chicken.

Your oven should be hot by now at 220 degree. Place it at the bottom rack and be sure not to burnt them. After half an hour I think the upper side of the chicken should be turning brown. Then you can turn them. I like to turn the skin part last as I love the taste of it not that water soak soft. Then when it turns brown and the gravy sizzles at the bottom...it should be done.

Can be serve with either bread or steam rice.

Mixed Seafood with Mixed Veg

Well...it's not really a mixed seafood though but it's shrimps and fish cake stir fry with mixed vegetables and baby spinach. If you are not too sure of what seafood to choose for your dinner then the best answer for that would be getting all sort and mixed them together. So menu for dinner is stir fry shrimps with fish cake and mixed vegetables.

15 Tiger Prawns
2 Sticks of Fish Cake
Several Baby Corns
Several Snap beans
Baby Spinach
Thai Chili (Optional)
Sesame Oil
Oyster/Sweet Soy/Fish Sauce
Cooking Rice Wine

As usual heat up the wok. Add oil and once hot add in garlic and onions. Once they turn a little brown you can add the baby corns as the cook longer than most of the ingredients. Add in the sauces and the wine enough to cook the baby corns. If you think the baby corns are done then you can add in the cucumbers, snap beans, shrimps and the fish cake. Taste it and once it sizzles once more your meal is ready. Last is to add in the spinach. Serve with steam rice. A great light meal...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Went out today doing some groceries for the weekend. Bought some stuff from the Asian store as my wife wants to make some "wanton wrappers" use for making wanton soup. Later we went to my favorite butcher buying some meats and my gosh there were tons of people queuing. There I saw Venison and decided to get some. That's for our lunch tomorrow.

On our way back my wife is craving for "Kung Fu Kueh Tiaw" at a local Malaysian Restaurant. I ordered a "Nasi Lemak" which turned out to be nice that satisfying. Hers was pretty good though.

I have not been keeping up with my posting and I have to post everything today. During the week there were many cookings happened here. I just non stop cooking. And I know for sure that for as long as I live my love for cooking would be my favorite things to do.

500gm peeled Tiger Prawn
2 Fish Stick
Handful of Baby Corns
Handful of Snap Beans
Small portion of Cucumber
1/2 Big Onions
Thai Chili
Black Pepper
Oyster Sauce
Sweet Soy Sauce
1 table spoon fish sauce
Cooking Wine
Sesame cooking oil

Heat the wok. Oil in! Once hot blackpepper, onions and gingers in. Then add the baby corns. Stir them for a minute before you add those sauces. Once they are sizzling hot then add in the wine. If you think the baby corns are done then add in the fish sticks, snap beans and cucmbers. Soon after you can add the prawns. Your dish should be done in two minutes.

Good for party of four and great with steam rice. Enjoy...

Siu Mai (Minced Pork Parcels)

There are times when you long to eat something that reminds you of home...I mean a place where you are originally from. I am an Asian origin born and raise in Sarawak. Came from a little town in the central region of Borneo or Sarawak I am more of a traditional guy who has no limit in my taste for food...

Today I am thinking "Siu mai" ...spiced up minced pork wraps in wanton wraps. They are good for starters or light late night snacks. Easy to prepare and you can preserved them for days for later consumptions.

300g mince pork
200g prawn (peeled and chopped finely)
4 pieces water chestnuts (chopped finely)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sesame oil
1/2 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp of sugar
1 tablespoon soya sauce
1 tablespoon chinese cooking wine
1 egg
1 1/2 tablespoon corn flour
20 pcs wanton skin

Cooking Methods
Combine all the ingredients in a bowl (except wantan skin). Let it rest for an hour. Put about 1 tablespoon of ingredients into each wanton skin, fold the edges, and place in a greased steaming rack. Steam for 15 - 20 minutes until cooked. Serve with sweet chili sauce. You can make these in batches, and freeze them for up to a month.

Pork with Tofu

Ya! I know what you are thinking of. If you are a Westerners then "Tofu" is a alien for you. It's a jelly like springy white stuff full of healthy ingredients...that's what they said. For me it's just the taste. As an Asian man I like and eat almost anything. I don't mind trying them and I will have to just it for my own.... For anything that I consume I am the master of my decision...I don't listen to what people said about it. And never judge the book by its cover too. Something smelly can be tasty...cheese smells but they too are good. Anyways...let get down to this dish!

500gm Pork (Pork belly would be my choice)
1 Bar Tofu (the one for stir fry)
1/2 Big Onions
1 inch Ginger ( I love ginger so I tend to add more)
1 Spring Onion
Thai Chili (Optional)
Oyster Sauce
Sweet Soy Sauce
Cooking Rice Wine
1 teaspoon Fish Sauce
Black pepper
Sesame Cooking Oil

Cooking Methods
Slice pork in one inch long piece. Cut "tofu" in cube. Slice the onions. Ginger thinly sliced so that if you eat them you do not get the strong taste of it. Cut the spring onions in 2 inch long and them slice them thinly.

Heat wok and add oil soon after. Not too much though as the pork belly can be fatty and that's why you have to choose the less fatty ones. Add pork, ginger, Thai chili and black pepper in and stir them around until it turns a little brown. Add fish, oyster and sweet soy sauces. You should be able to estimate your taste by now if you have been cooking throughout the year. Then followed by the wine. Once sizzling then you can taste whether the pork is done and the taste is up to your expectation. If you think the pork is done then you can add the Tofu and the spring onions. Mix them around slowly because you don't want to disintegrate the tofu. They should be done in several minutes after a steamy sizzle!

Enjoy! Good for four...Great with steam rice.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fried Rice w/Pork

Fried rice is about cooking the left over food. It is the best way to deal with left over that you may think getting tired of having. Especially when you don't have dishes that come with it. But then again fried rice can be fried together with some other left overs. For example, I have the left over pork and rice from yesterday. And to avoid eating the thing over and over again why not doing it a different way.

Left over rice
Left over pork
2 Eggs
1/2 Onions
Slices of Ginger (optional)
Thai Chili (Optional)
Oyster Sauce

Prepare your wok. Heat it and add oil of your choice. Once hot add in the onions and gingers. Prior to this you need to drain the pork from its gravy because you do not want your fried rice to be soggy. Put them aside. Break the left over rice by using your hand. Be sure to wet your hand first so that it don't stick to the rice.

Once onions turns a little brown drop in two eggs. Stir it around for a minute before you add the pork. Turn them around for a minute or two before you can add the rice. Mix them well before you can add oyster sauce into it. Not too much though. Add a spoonful and taste them. Then you know how much you have to add later. Turn them around for several minutes then it's ready for serving.

Green Vegetables with Pork in Oyster Sauce

When I have been eating too much meat then green would be the very first thing that come to my mind. But I still want to have some meat that comes along with it. And that when cooking becomes a marriage. Meat and vegetable never go wrong. It's like having many varieties in one dish. Earlier I went to a Chinese groceries store looking for some type of green vegetables. They have bunch over there. What comes to my mind is to cook some left over pork that was in the freezer and cook it with some green vegetables.

2 slices Pork Belly
1 bunch Green Vegetables
1 spoon chopped garlic
1 spoon sliced ginger
1/2 onions
Thai Chili (Optional)
Oyster Sauce
1 cup Cooking Rice Wine
Of course you have to cut the pork and the vegetables. Heat up the wok. Add oil of your choice. I used sesame oil. Once hot add in garlic, onions and ginger. After they turned a little golden brown then you can add the pork and the chili. Stir them for a minute then add the oyster sauce and the dash of fish sauce. Stir for a minute before you add the rice wine. When you think the pork is done then you can add the vegetables in as it wouldn't take long for it to cook. Done!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Instant Noodle Special

Any instant noodle of your favorite flavor can fulfill your appetite for the day. Especially during cold winter day or late at night and your are hungry instant noodle is the best solution to it. Should you have left over and be it a roast lamb or a stir fry chicken or a piece of salmon and shrimps you have in your fridge they can be part of the cooking solution.


Instant Noodle
Left Overs...
2 Button Mushrooms
1 Egg
1 Spring Onion or Coriander (Optional)

Cooking Method:
About two cups of water in your little pot for boiling. Dump in the instant noodles. Once boiling (this would be the best time for you to check whether it has too much water or too little) add the flavor in. Mix them around for a second before you can add the rest of the ingredients including the left overs. Give it a minute before you can slurp the noodle.

Blackcurrant Shortcake

Well...as you have read we have finished our batch of Banana Cake the other week. Got to have some sweets for tea at home. I love anything that are sweet, including human being too. This time I decided to bake something that's very simple...

220g Butter

270g Flour

150g Sugar

& Blackcurrant Jam

Methods: Heat 175 Degree. Mix sugar and butter first and after they are mixed well then you can add in the flour...the whole flour. Use your mixer to mix them until they form some kind of dough. Then you can add the raising by mixing them with your hand for 1-2 minutes. I love raisin so I add more. Butter up the baking pan and spread the dough at the bottom of the pan and be sure to leave some for the top part...is it dough? whatever they called it... Spread the jam over the dough then you add or sprinkle the left over dough on top of the jam. baking time roughly 30 minutes. Once turning a little brown then it's ready for the belly... Love it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Roast Leg of Lamb

Love meat! Can't deny the fact that I love meat so much. Not to offend our vegetarian friends...I don't think I can go on without eating meat for life. Not even a week. This week menu is Roast Leg of Lamb.

1 Leg of Lamb
Spices (Dried Chili, Pepper, Oregano) OR Any sort of spices you like
1 bunch of Coriander
2 cups of Rice Wine (Any wine)
50/50ml of Oyster Sauce & Chili Sauce
20ml White Vinegar

Cooking Methods
Marinate the lamb with those ingredients. leave it alone for an hour. Heat up your oven to a 150 degree and the roasting begins. make to check the lamb so that it will not burn. You can always turn the oven down (100 degree after the half hour time) and roast it longer. I did it for 2 hours. Solid brown on the outside and medium rare in the inside. Lovely!

Sauce! Well...I did mine the hot & spicy way which mean hot chili dipping sauce as I was having it with rice and some side dish. The combination of your dish has to compliment each other. But if you are eating yours with steam vegetables or the western way...you can take the gravy from the baking pan use another smaller cooking pot and add either button mushrooms, celery and carrots in it. Add more wine and leave them simmer until the the vegetables you add in are done. But if you have it my way...with rice...you can use the gravy to spice up your rice.

Well...I don't think you can finished it and this means that you will have to eat it again tomorrow. 15 minutes before your meal you can throw it in the oven and roast it until the outside part of the lamb is brown again. Don't worry as the inside meat will still be red. Enjoy yours as I really enjoyed mine.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Baked Chicken Legs

All butchers are closed yesterday and we have to get our groceries at one of the supermarkets. Not a good place to buy meat though and I prefer getting fresh meats from my favorite butcher shop down the road from our place. I have no choice yesterday in which I end up bought chicken drumsticks. After having canned food on Sunday and sushi on Saturday I guess I have to eat meat on Monday and of course with some vegetables side dish. I guess Monday menu is Baked Chicken Legs and Stirred Mixed Vegetables with Egg.

6 Chicken Leg (Drumsticks)
Herbal Seasoning
Sweet Chili Sauce
Oyster Sauce
Cooking Rice Wine

Marinate chicken two hours before baking. Oven preheat at 200 degree. Use the bottom tier once oven is ready. Do check the chicken as you do not want to burn them. When the skin turn a little golden brown turn them around. They should be done in one hour.

Mixed Vegetables Ingredients
are any choice of vegetables you like. I used Eggplants, Button Mushrooms, Cucumbers and Baby Corns. Baby Corns go first in the wok as it takes a little longer to cook them. Add my favorite sauce (oyster) and a dash of fish sauce, a cup of rice wine and some black pepper. Then you can throw in the eggplants. Then the cucumbers. When they are all done then last are mushrooms and egg. Once you throw in the egg it's done. Do not overcooked the egg.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Simple Lunch

Yesterday, which was Saturday, we decided to eat out. My wife has that urge for sushi and why not. I love sushi, don't get me wrong. It was a good meal and I'm glad that I did not eat so much. And for dinner I skipped real food as I had too much junks throughout the afternoon. A bowl of cereal was it to conclude my evening.

Today, however, when I want to cook I discovered that we have nothing in the fridge. No meat and just some baby corns. Open my cabinet and there I found a can of Corned Beef, one of my favorites. Cooked some rice and by the time the rice done everything was set for lunch. 15 minutes top! My lunch was Stir Fry Corned Beef with Baby Corns and a fried egg.

1 canned Corned Beef
Baby Corns
1 Big Onions
Several cloves Garlic
Spring Onions
Thai Chili
Cooking Rice Wine

Heat up your wok and add cooking oil. Once hot enough add the whole garlic (nay! no chop-chop) and the baby corns. Stir them around for two-three minutes before you add the rice wine, enough to soften the corns. Then you add the "whole" Thai chili, big onions and the corned beef. Taste it and add salt if you think it is not salty enough. The baby corns should be done by now. Then finally you add in the spring onions. At the same time while the corned beef is cooking you can fry the egg.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Beef w/Egg Gravy

This is a very interesting recipe I think... Sometimes it good to be adventurous and nothing wrong to try something new.

300g Beef
1 Egg
Green Veg (Bakchoi)
Sweet Soy Sauce
Oyster Sauce
Fish Sauce
Thai Chili
Big Onions
Cooking Oil
Cooking Rice Wine

Cooking Methods
Cut beef in thin slices. Heat the wok. Add cooking oil then when hot add in onions and ginger. Once the onions turn light brown on the edge then you can add the beef and the Thai chili. Stir them around as you add the sauces in and the vegetable. Finally add the wine in and once boiling you can add the egg. Now you need to mix the egg around in circle and it's done! Do not overcooked the egg. Serve with steam rice.

Slow Cooked Pork Belly

This is the easiest to cook. Just throw everything in the pot and leave it alone for two-three hours.
If I feel lazy to cook but still wanting to eat something tasty this is what I would like to cook and eat. Instead of going around indecisive about what you want to eat you end up regretting eating a huge chunk of burger or spending too much on a lousy pizza or eating an old sandwich.

3 slices Pork Belly (choose the less fatty)
2 inch Ginger
1 head Garlic
1 stick Celery or
Few bunch of Coriander
1 cup Cooking Rice Wine
Oyster Sauce
Sweet Soy Sauce
Dark/Light Soy Sauce
Black Pepper

Cooking Method:
use a small cooking pot that can accommodate the pork. Place the pork in the pot first so that they fit. Just place the pork on the stove. When it sizzles (the pork fat starts to disintegrate) then you can add the garlic, ginger, pepper, all the sauce (you know how much needed) and dump in the wine or a beer would be nice. Then add some water just enough to submerge everything in the pot. Once boiling turn your stove down so that it will cook slowly until the pork becomes really soft. You can serve it with vegetables. Cut the vegetables and boil them in those broth for 2 minutes.

Actually you can cook it tonight and have it for lunch tomorrow. By doing so you can get rid of the floating fat on the top of the pot. That's what I did...

Keeping up...

It's just the third week of the year and I hardly can keep up with my posting. I really hope I can follow up with all the things I cooked and eat everyday...can't deny it that I am behind though. Things have been so rough in the early stage of this year with the snow storms and the earthquake in Haiti (my prayers with them) that really torn the country apart and God knows what's going to happen to those trapped in the rubble and those who are unable to locate their love ones. I am speechless...

Early this week I baked a banana cake and we did finish the whole cake in four days. Geez! That's a lot of cake. Well...it was pretty good and the menu is simple. Good for tea though...

Banana Cake with Raisin
3 Banana
270g Flour
4 Eggs
220g Sugar
240g Butter
Vanilla Extracts
1 cup Raisin
Oven Heat 170 Degree

Beat the butter and sugar first until it comes to look like mayo then add the egg one at a time. Then the banana and leave some chunks in it though (like it that way) and last the vanilla extracts. Add flour by using hand to mix them; then the raisin.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pad Thai Fried Noodle (Egg Noodle)

As an Asian origin I find it very interesting digging in oriental grocery stores. Sometimes you feel like close to home and that's the only place where home is closer but yet so far. Oriental stores overseas have more varieties than the grocery stores we have at home. They tend to have all sorts of food from all parts of Asia, particularly the Pacific Rim. And if you like cooking oriental styles then this is the place where you can find almost every condiments or sauces or pastes or whatever you need...at least for me.

Today I was all for fried noodle. Thinking of what style of cooking I may have is the problem. Or do I just want an instant noodle...which is one of my favorites two minutes meal. No...this time I want to create more mess in my kitchen. Pad Thai Noodle it is.

Frying noodle needs more heat and more fire. You are talking about serious fire...like those in the restaurant kitchen. But since we don't have it at home we will have to cook some of the ingredients separately. Whatever meat do you want to add into your noodle you will have to cook it separately...Pad Thai Style. Then you fry the noodle and add in the cooked meat that you already have. Let start cooking...

1 packet 500g Egg Noodle (Yellow Noodle)
1 large Egg
1 clove Garlic
Ground Black Pepper
1 handful Bean Sprout
Thai Chili
Pad Thai Sauce
1 table spoon Fish Sauce

Pork - Pad Thai Sauce
500g Pork Meat
Thai Chili
1 Onion
Spring Onions
Pad Thai Sauce
Oyster Sauce
1 table spoon Fish Sauce
Cooking Rice Wine
Cooking Oil

Cooking Methods:
Cut the pork and the rest of the ingredients. Heat up the wok and once hot add in cooking oil. Once oil hot then add in onions and then the pork and the Thai chili. Stir it for a minute or two before you add in the Pad Thai (more) and Oyster sauce. Stir it for several minutes then add the cooking wine just enough to have some gravy. Your pork should be done in 10 minutes and don't forget to add in the spring onions too. Once done place them in a plate before you can start frying the noodle.

Heat up your wok, add cooking oil (enough to cover the bottom of the wok) and once hot then garlic and pepper. Take a small portion of the pork meat that you have already cooked and add them in. Stir them for a minute before you add the egg. Stir them together and when the egg is about three quarter done then you can add in the noodle. You have to continuously stir them or else it will burn especially when your wok is not a none stick wok. Then add in the Pad Thai sauce (100g). Mix them well and if you think it is a little dry then you can use the gravy from the pork to water it a little. Several table spoons should be enough. Too much will make your noodle wet and sticky look. Finally add in the fish sauce and the bean sprout. Stir them for a minute and it should be done. last but not least add in the coriander. Don't forget to taste what you are cooking. You will be the judge of your own taste. Done...serving for four.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Smoked Salmon Omelette (Fried Eggs)/Stirred Fry Beef & Lamb

Two week into the new year I seemed to gain weight...vain yeah! yes indeed...but that the way each one of us behave. We are vain in our very own way. I like keeping my weight in control and that's why I would rather eat what I cooked than to eat what others cooked (eat out) for me. Then if I am feeling uncomfortable about my weight then I have myself to blame not the burger I had last night of the buffet I bulldozed during the weekend.

Today when groceries shopping I came a reasonable priced mixed garden salad and smoked salmon. I take anything that's reasonably cheaper than the other store for. I always compare prices and that's why I don't shop at one place. So this evening I decided to have salad, omelette and stirred fry beef & lamb with carrot and celery.

Salad Ingredients:
Garden Vegetables
Smoked Salmon
Fried Eggs with Smoked Salmon

2 spoons Mayonnaise
2 spoons Chili Sauce
1 spoon Olive Oil
1 spoon Black Vinegar
White Pepper

Methods: Mixed them all.

Smoked Omelette w/ Smoked Salmon (Fried Eggs)
4 Large Eggs
Half Onions
3 Spring Onions
Few Slices Smoked Salmon

Beat the eggs. Add a dash of salt and pepper into it. Slice the onions, spring onions and the smoked salmon. Heat up your frying pan (the one with wider bottom) and once hot add in cooking oil. Once the cooking is hot enough add in the onions. Stir them for a minute before you add in the spring onions. Then a minute later once the onions turn a little brown on the edge you can add in the eggs. A minute later you can spread the smoked salmon on the eggs. Turn down the stove so that it will cooked evenly. Watch out...do not let the bottom of the eggs burned. And these are the fried eggs that you add in your salad.

Stirred Fry Beef & Lamb with Carrot and Celery
300g sliced Beef
300g sliced Lamb
2 Carrots
2 sticks Celery
2 Inch Gingers
Half Big Onions
3 Spring Onions
5 Thai Chili
Oyster Sauce
Sweet Soy Sauce
Cooking Rice Wine
Sesame Oil

Cooking Method:
I presume the beef and the lamb are sliced by your butcher. All you have to do now is to cut the carrots, celery, onions and the spring onions. Heat up your "wok". Add in the oil and once hot add in the gingers and the pepper. I love the strong smell of ginger, Thai chili and pepper together. Soon after you can add in the beef and the lamb. Stirred until the meat turned light brown before you add the carrots, celery (i like them soft that's why I added them in early and if you want it to be still crunchy you can always add them in later), oyster sauce and the sweet soy sauce. I guess by now you should be able to estimate how much sauce you should be adding. And that's why I did not put the quantity in the ingredients.

Mixed them around for a couple of minutes until it gets really hot so that when you add in the rice wine it makes that sizzling sound. Then you can add in the rice wine. A cup or less would be enough and it all depends on the tenderness of the meat. There quiet a bit of water in as the heat extract some water from meat. Once they dried up a little then you can add the onions and the spring onions.

Serve with steam rice and should be enough for party of four.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Oven Grilled Pork Belly

On a lazy cold winter weekend and there nothing much can be done outside. And for those who have the grill in the backyard will have to hold on to the grill as barbecuing would not be possible. And for those who have no backyard for barbecuing I guess you have to do it my way...in the oven.

1 kg Pork Belly
1 head Garlic
3 inch Ginger
1 teaspoon of Black Pepper
50 ml Sweet Soy Sauce
50 ml Light Soy sauce
50 ml Rice Wine (any liquor of your choice and beer would be nice too)

Place the pork in a large bowl. Pound all the other ingredients (garlic and ginger) finely and mixed them with the pork. Add pepper to it and then marinate it with the sauces and the wine. Mixed them thoroughly and let it rest for and hour or two.

Turn the oven to 220 degree. be sure to have it hot before you can throw the pork in. Place the level of the tray two stage closer to the top. Place all the pork on a grill tray and it ready to grill. be sure to keep an eye on them as you don't want to burn them. Oven is so much different than a barbecue set as we can hardly smell of see the food inside it.

As the pork turn a little brown you can turn them around. At the same time you can turn down the oven to 170 degree as the heat in there is enough to cook the pork. When both side are turning golden brown your pork should be ready. Take it out as soon as you think it is done. You do not want to leave the pork inside the oven when it is still hot as you do not want to dehydrated the pork.

While waiting the pork to be done...you can prepare your dipping sauce. Most people like to use ready made sauce from the store but I prefer to make my favorite hot, sweet and sour dipping sauce. Refer to my previous posting for the menu of my dipping sauce.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ginger Beef w/ Sugar Snaps & Baby Corns

The new year has been greeted by either sleets or light snow and it is forecast to be very cold throughout the week. What a mess. The entire city is blanketed by snow slush or sludge or whatever way you want to say it and it's like an ice skating rink all over the sidewalks. What a nightmare. I slipped and almost fell on the way to the gym earlier this evening.

Well...it's just a weather anyway. Let's get back to what's cooking. We had beef as one of our dishes for dinner. Simple meal for two. Nothing fancy though. Love it. At the same time we had the left over from yesterday, remember the "drunkard chicken soup"? Year we had one piece left and some of the broth that I intentionally reserved for today. I love leftover food. Never waste any of them and always get to find ways to improvise leftover. If you do not like it the way it was cooked yesterday you can always improvise it...and we will get to this sometimes in the near future.

500g Beef
100g Sugar Snaps
100 Baby Corns
1 Big Onions
2 Inch Ginger
1 Thai Chili (Optional)
Black Pepper Powder (Dash)
Oyster Sauce (60ml)
Sweet Soy Sauce (40ml)
Cooking Rice Wine
Cooking Oil
Serving: 4 Persons

Cooking Methods
Slice the beef thinly so that you don't have to cook them long. Slice the ginger thinly too. Slice the baby corns in half. Slice the big onion similar to the size of the sugar snaps and the baby corns.

Heat up the frying pan and pour some cooking oil enough to cover the bottom of the pan. When the oil is hot enough place the ginger in first then the black pepper and the Thai chili. Stir it for a minute and then you can put in the beef. Once the beef turns a little dark then you can add the oyster sauce and the sweet soy sauce into it. Stir them for a little while before you add in the rice wine. Leave it alone until the wine dries a little. Then you can taste it whether it is up to your sweetness or saltiness. If you like it more sweet then you can add more sweet soy sauce. If it is not salty enough then you can add more soy sauce. If you like the taste of the wine that blends in with the gravy then you can add in more wine. It's all up to you. No cooking recipe is perfect. You have to add less or more of some of the ingredients as your taste differs from mine.

Well...if the beef is still tough then you can add more water to it after the wine that you first add in dried up. Only now you can put in the baby corn. The baby corns should be done when the water is drying up. Then you can add in the sugar snaps. Last but not least you add in the onions. Stir them for a minute or two until the sugar snaps and the onions are done. And make sure you don't overcooked the sugar snaps and the onions as you want it to be crunchy and snappy. At the same time you still want the taste of the raw onions too.

Best serve with rice. Also it can be made as sandwich too.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Drunkard Chicken Soup

Perfect storm for a winter recipe. Nothing better than a hot soup to warm our belly during a cold winter weather. As this week and the past few weeks have been the coldest so far I decided to cook something that's not only hot and fulfilling but something that can heat up my entire body.

It may sound very alcoholic to some people but it may not taste the way it is named or cooked. I name it Drunkard Chicken Soup as I add rice wine to it. Couple with several type of herbs the left over I bought for my wife's after birth remedy I decided to make something steamy today to heat up the evening. And this is the easiest to cook.

4 pieces Chicken parts (drumsticks & thighs)
4 cloves Garlics
2 inches Ginger (depends on how much you like ginger and I love ginger)
2 sticks Celery OR Coriander (several bunches)
1 of each Chinese Herbs (too many would be too strong for some people)
15 Dried Dates (seedless)
4 Dried Mushrooms
1 dash black pepper
50-60 ml Oyster Sauce
Rice Wine (Cooking)
20-30 ml Cooking Oil OR Sesame Oil

Cooking Methods:
Clean the chicken separating all the fats and the extra skins. Slice the gingers thinly and cut the celery in an inch length. You can add some celery leaves too by chopping them finely. If you used coriander then you can just chop them finely too. You can use a medium size pot that perfectly fits all the chicken.

Heat up your pot and add oil of your choice once the pot is considered to be hot enough. If your oil is ready put the ginger in and spread them evenly on the bottom of the pot. Then add in the garlic. Then add in those chicken part by placing the skin side on the pot. Place them evenly so that they will cover the bottom part of the pot. Once the skin side is brown then you can add the oyster sauce in. Mix them around then you can throw in the mushroom, dates, herbs and celery. Pour the wine in until the chicken submerge. You can add a 100-150 ml of water and then more you like the gravy or the broth the more of these two you add depending on how strong your taste.

I have a strong taste so everything is extreme for me. Is will definitely make a sizzling noise, which indicates that you are cooking something delicious, then turn down the stove to a quarter I would say so that the chicken will cook slowly. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to cook the chicken. Watch out though...you do not want to overcooked the chicken as it will tear the flesh into pieces. After thirty minutes of boiling you can always check whether the chicken is ready or not.

Serving: For 4
Serve with steam white rice would be great. Serve the chicken separately by placing it in your soup bowl. Don't forget to include the broth when you serve the chicken. The broth is the essential part of this recipe. And...if you like to spice thing up you can always prep a chili dip by using the followings:

Chili Dip
1 Red Thai Chili
1/2 Onion
1 clove garlic
20 ml sweet soy sauce
1/2 Lime

Cut the red chili, onion and garlic into pieces or chop them finely. Place them in a small little bowl (ramekin) add the sweet soy sauce and squeeze the lime over it. Mix them and it's ready for serving for you to dip the chicken meat.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stir Fry Pork with Salted Vegetables

Well...we all have to start getting busy at this moment. Everyone seems to have his or her agenda or resolution for the new year. be it losing weight or quit smoking or getting married or having a baby depend on each one of us and I wish you all the best of luck in achieving your very own resolution or agenda. For me, since I love and enjoy cooking I guess I will have to put everything that I cooked throughout the entire year in this blog.

I guess I should have been writing or uploading ideas from the very day one of the year but the truth of the matter was I was still on my "post vacation syndrome blue" and felt so lazy just to do anything. Just sharing...we went to Holland for Christmas and New Year taking our 5 months old little girl, Lorelai, visiting her Uncle, Auntie and Grandma. We spent the whole year end sharing memorable moments with family members where Lorelai enjoyed her first white Christmas.

At the same time eating was not in my list after a food fiesta throughout the holidays. I jammed so much food into my throat that I feel like rejecting all the food I saw next. But as human I still need to eat. Today we went for the very first time groceries shopping went through the bitter cold weather filling up our empty little fridge. After decided on what to eat for dinner we were gearing up to start preparing for our menu for the day - our dinner as we both skipped lunch.

The menu is Stir Fry Pork with Salted Vegetables.
Main Ingredients:
3 Slices of Pork Belly (or any port of your choice)
1/2 Packet of Salted Veg (available in any oriental store)
2 Clove of Garlic
1 inch length Ginger
1/2 Red Onion
3 Red Thai Chili

Cooking Condiments
Oyster Sauce (60 ml)
Sweet Soy Sauce (40 ml)
Cooking Rice Wine (150 ml)
Pepper (dash)
Sugar (2 teaspoon)
Cooking Oil

Slice the red onion, ginger and garlic. Slice the pork and cut the salted vegetables according to your likings. The heat up your cooking wok or any cooking utensil. Pour cooking oil just enough to cover the bottom of the wok. Once the oil hot enough put all the onions, garlic and ginger. Once they turn golden brown place the pork in together with the Thai chili and a dash of black pepper. Stir them until the pork turns a little brown (when you notice that some of the pork turns brown) then you can start to add the oyster sauce and the sweet soy sauce. Stir for another several minutes before you add the salted vegetables and the cooking rice wine. Taste it to your liking and if it is not salty enough add more oyster sauce or if it too salty add more wine to it. You can use beer too. The wine will be the sauce of your dish. Taste the pork whether it is tender enough and if the pork is tender enough then your Stir Fry Pork and Salted Vegetables is ready for serving. Great when serve with rice while it is still hot. Enjoy your meal.